Words of advice for young pornographers

Post porn, Alt porn, Mainstream porn... To become a pornographer in the 21st century seems difficult: should it be art? Should it be politically correct? Should it be just a fuckflick or perhaps have a story line? Do I need preliminary readings? And how about redeeming values? Sergio Messina, aging porn enthusiast and Realcore expert, will take you on a little tour about the joys of good porn, the pains of bad one, the social, political and aesthetic reasons to produce and distribute better sexual images and the possible ways to become sex stars - while trying to establish a few golden rules to make enticing smut, in the wake of SM's assertion: "Alt porn is the new Rock'n'roll". No Baudrillard required.

lecturer: Sergio Messina
(lecture and film projection, 4 hours or lecture, film projection and workshop, one day; available in english and italian. Download pdf)

History: this workshop was developed for the 2012 Transmediale festival in Berlin.
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