FINORA (so far in italian) is an itinerant educational institution, an instant college that can be deployed anywhere in a very short time. We operate at the border between Higher education, Art, Performance and Pop culture.

FINORA sets up temporary schools with coordinated classes, different subjects and approaches, offering various types of educational formats (including, in the future, full degrees and more). We collaborate with other institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, associations, companies, museums, cultural centers, art galleries, hotels, bars and clubs that desire to broaden or diversify their offer. We also offer single lectures, classes, courses, seminar and workshops (in various languages) ranging in duration from two hours to a whole semester.

FINORA imagines teaching and learning as art, but not all of its lecturers are artists or teachers. We promote the interchangeability of classic educational roles. We are interested in the transmission of knowledge and ideas, and also in the experience of this trasmission. We curate the context (and the human element of education) as well as the content of what we do. Ours is a collective endeavour and we operate like a performance group, following the framework established by Rober Fripp in 1981.

Some examples of how FINORA operates:

Universities/educational institution: they host FINORA for a period of time, from a weekend to a semester; we will organize various optional educational activities. Art schools are of course somewhat privileged partners, but we also cater to trade schools, media and communication departments and institutions in general (such as city councils) that have education among their aims. We also offer various classes and courses that can be integrated within existing formats.

Bars/clubs/cultural associations/art galleries: we offer single lectures, but also weekly classes and compact (one weekend) seminars and workshops. We can also curate series of lectures on related topics to be held regularly (monthly or weekly).

Festivals/Temporary contexts: we set up FINORA and host classes, courses and seminars on one or various topics. In these cases we can also enhance the "entertainment" quality of our offer, including movie projections, listening parties or performance-oriented workshops.

Hotels/Farms/B&B: we organize educational weeks/weekends on one or various related topics; we're modular, so we can accommodate many different needs.

FINORA is a project by Sergio Messina initiated in 2012.
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