History of Pop Culture: an artist perspective

This class means to narrate the History of Pop culture: Music, Styles, Graphic design, Cinema, Fashion, Tv, Art, Literature, Social and Political implications, etc. From the birth of Pop, almost a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution, to today's pervasiveness in almost all fields of culture, the class goes through its history in a chronological way, focusing on the many important threads of this essential contemporary culture (such as, for example, Science Fiction and the various visions of the future in the past century). One of the aims of this class is to define the universal and justly annoying concept of "cool", and to understand its many possible (and sometimes contradictory) meanings.

The instructor (an artist, as well as an expert in Pop culture) employs different formats to present the various topics, including traditional frontal lesson, discussions, slide shows, interviews, guest lectures; but also listening parties, movie projections ,small exhibitions and performances, readings and more - using the appropriate means for each aspect of Pop culture. The focus is not on data, easily available online (and mostly reliable, on this topic) once you have the right keywords (the students receive lists of keywords for the various topics), but on the Pop mood of the time, and the interplay of various forms of expression that define it. This also allows to teach using Art (and other forms of creative production), not just analyzing it but experiencing it. Most of the presentations should be open to the public, as they'll have both educational and entertainment value.

lecturer: Sergio Messina (+ one assistant)
(course, one semester or 3 x 10 hours of lecture + seminars; available in english and italian. Download pdf)

History: this (minus the artist perspective) is the class I devised for the Visual Communication department of IED; ongoing since 2005.
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