Welcome to FINORA, a different approach to education.

FINORA (so far in italian) is an itinerant educational institution, an instant college that can be deployed anywhere in a very short time. We operate at the border between Higher education, Art, Performance and Pop culture. We collaborate with other institutions, places and associations that desire to broaden or diversify their offer.

FINORA imagines teaching and learning as art. We are interested in the transmission of knowledge and ideas, and also in the experience of this trasmission.

On this website you can find out about our courses, email us and read our mission statement (teachers, news and links sections coming soon).

We are looking for places where FINORA can happen: from universities to bars, we'll be glad to set up shop.

We are looking for students: are you willing to learn, and perhaps challenge some of your beliefs? Check back in the upcoming news section to partecipate.

We are looking for ideas: do you think you have a fantastic plan for a very amazing class? Is there something you really know and would like to share? Email us from the contact page.
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